25 January 2015

summertime blues

It's a super summery long weekend here in Sydney (well, aside from the forecast rain), and today my mum, aunt, and I caught the ferry from Circular Quay to Watson's Bay for my cousin's pre-wedding girls' extravaganza.  It was bloody hot! but lovely to be out and about on/near the water ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

20 January 2015

millthorpe, nsw

Millthorpe is a very cute little town that is about 20 minutes' drive from Orange.  In keeping with the general theme that we experienced on this trip, most places were closed during our visit (the town's official website promises that it "comes alive on weekends," and I suppose that if they emphasise those words in bold italic text, they must be true!), but it was nevertheless a lovely place to wander for awhile.  Besides, any town that has random bunting about the place gets a thumbs up from me! :)

I was very happy to see that Millthorpe Providore was open, so we stopped in for lunch (and the biggest cup of coffee I have ever seen!) before heading back home to Sydney ...

And a couple of photos on the way home ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

15 January 2015

a quick visit to canowindra, nsw

We had a little time to spare whilst in Orange, and decided to take a one-hour drive out to the historic town of Canowindra, which I stupidly kept pronouncing exactly as it is spelled - Ca-now-win-dra - until I heard someone say it correctly - Ca-noun-dra - at which point I realised that it's actually where one of my best friends is from!  Anyway, Canowindra consists primarily of one main street, and became world-famous in 1955, when a 360 million year old fossil was discovered there.  It is also apparently the hot air ballooning capital of Australia.  Who knew?  I did not :)

It was a very quiet afternoon, and bloody hot to boot.  And there I was, looking like a ridiculous city girl in my dress and sandals; a couple of young boys were wandering around and said "who's that lady?" which was comical and embarrassing and also made me feel kinda old because they referred to me as "lady," hehe (although I guess I am pretty old in comparison!).  After wandering around taking photos (the usual MO), we bought ice creams and headed back to Orange, stopping to take some more photos on the way.  In retrospect it was probably a bit of a stupid move to go clambering through the long grass by the side of the road in my sandals (due to the risk of brown snakes and other Deadly Australian Fauna) but eh, what else would you expect from a clueless city girl? ;)


All photographs © Natasha Calhoun


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