30 September 2014

cinque terre | corniglia

This is my second-last post about my time in the Cinque Terre {insert sad face here}, boo!  Anyway, our last day was largely free (apart from dinner), so I made it my mission to visit the last of the five towns that I had yet to see, because I couldn't stand the thought of not completing the set (so to speak).  And so, I set off in the sunshine to catch the train to Corniglia.

First things first: Corniglia is the only town that is not located directly on the sea, and the (365) stairs to reach the town from the station are a complete b*, especially in the heat.  Good grief, honestly.  Mercifully, they did have an amazing view, so I kept having to stop to, ah, take photos (catch my breath/not pass out).  Once I reached the top, I saw that there is in fact a bus that runs from the station, but no matter; I figured I had worked off some gelato in advance (it's all about the food!).

Luckily, the very pretty town was well worth the climb - a lovely mix of stone buildings and the colours that are so characteristic of this region of Italy.  Oh, and there are fabulous little boutiques, too (okay, so it's also all about the shopping!).  It was all rather delightful, really :)  I saw an apartment for sale and thought hmm, I wonder ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

27 September 2014

saturday, flowerday

sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is love time
and viva sweet love
~ e.e. cummings

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

26 September 2014

cinque terre | manarola

After our awesome lunch at Cappun Magru, we made our way (on foot) to the nearby town of Manarola.  In the damn rain (I am usually pretty lucky with the weather when travelling but this time ... not so much).  The thing is, I actually don't mind the rain too much apart from the fact that it makes my hair go all flat and weird and crap.  Well that, and it's hard to juggle an umbrella and a camera at the same time.  Okay, so maybe I don't love the rain when I am out and about.

Anyway, I digress.  After an easy walk, we and my Rain Hair made it to Manarola (at which point it also stopped raining).  More lovely colours, giant hydrangeas, and stunning views ...

This little guy was asleep in a boat :) (yes, I patted him.  Of course).

On our way up to Panoramica dal Wine Bar, the view just kept getting better and better and I kept stopping for photograph after photograph (lagging well behind the group at this point!) ...

... until ... this!  The postcard shot I have seen so many times! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was.  The "Panoramica" in Panoramica dal Wine Bar is no word of a lie (well, neither is the "Wine Bar" part, really.  It's all true.  They also have great food).

I now have this photo hanging in my office and it makes me happy, happy :)

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

Panoramica dal Wine Bar
Localita Punta Bonfiglio, Manarola (just follow the pathway!)


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